Travel Tales: Duluth Daze



It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated The Clothing Statement. I’ve been taking a little bit of personal time to focus on my studies and traveling. After three weeks of being away from my blog, I’ve acquired a lot of ideas for future posts and it’s finally time to start uploading on a week to week basis again. I can’t wait to show you all of the projects that I have in store!

For today’s post, I wanted to reflect upon my spring break which took place last week. I’ll have to begin by saying that out of all the spring breaks I’ve had, this one was by far the best. For once, I actually made plans to travel out of town and did something other than laying in bed all day watching Netflix. My favorite part of break was probably when three of my good friends and I decided to set out on a spontaneous 3 days, 2 nights road trip to Duluth, Minnesota. Despite living in the Minneapolis area for the past 18 years, I had never gone to Duluth before. I’ve heard countless of things about the small, northern town, but the thought of being able to see it for myself made me excited. Without further ado, here are the must-sees and have-to-dos of Duluth from a first-timer!



1. Sit on the boulders near the North Shore: One of the places that every single one of my friends and family members recommended before I left for Duluth was to see the lighthouse at the North Shore. Unfortunately, when we arrived on site, we discovered that the lighthouse was closed due to winter conditions. Not letting it ruin our adventure, my friends and I admired it from afar and enjoyed each other’s company as we sat on the giant boulders, sharing laughs and taking in the beautiful scenery. I can’t quite explain it, but as the four of us sat in the still of the silence, I felt a sense of absolute tranquility. It’s definitely something that you’ll have to experience for yourself.



2. Explore without a destination: This photo was taken as my friends and I walked around aimlessly. We had a lot of time on our hands before checking into the hotel and decided that we would spend the bulk of it exploring. One of the friends that came with me on this trip has taught me that living in the moment can be fun and that planning trips isn’t necessary because some of the best moments in life come spontaneously. I quickly realized it as I was crossing this bridge. I couldn’t help but admire its architecture and wanted to capture the memory of it forever in a photo. If you’re ever in Duluth, you must check out the views from this bridge!



3. Walk around Canal Park: We walked further and further, coming to a little dock near Duluth’s aquarium and main street which contained an abundance of cute shoppes and restaurants. Coming from the city, being in the presence of Duluth’s simple beauty and small town charms was quite refreshing. The air was cleaner, the views were splendid, and the city girl in me finally got the chance to relax. I didn’t have to think about school, work, or anything else. I was able to live in the moment and enjoy life.



4. Take a trip to Gooseberry Falls: Gooseberry Falls was definitely high on my to do list on this trip. I’ve heard about the beauty of this particular state park and wanted to see it for myself. It really was as magnificent as people said it would be. In all it’s glory, Gooseberry Falls was still frozen as a winter wonderland in March. The four of us hiked the trails of Gooseberry, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the faint sound of the river’s flow as it began to defrost, and sometimes slipping on the hidden ice. It was another one of those moments where my friends and I were completely comfortable with the silence as we took in the beauty of Duluth.



5. Eat, eat, and eat some more: Adventuring sure is tiresome! My friends and I re-energized by fueling our bodies with good food at local restaurants. Two of my favorite places were The Zeitgeist Arts Cafe (pictured on the left, I got a turkey BLT+avocado sandwich and upgraded my fries to a side of fruits) and Pizza Luce (pictured on the right, we ordered The Luce and a Baked Potato pizza, I personally LOVED the baked potato and would highly recommend it!). The Zeitgeist Arts Cafe was incredibly unique. Aside from being a restaurant and cafe, the Zeitgeist also displayed artwork from local artists and each level of the place displayed different types of pieces. Pizza Luce on the other hand, was unique in a way that it is completely different from your traditional pizza places. Pizza Luce also has a couple of locations in the Minneapolis area, but Duluth’s location features live music and the bathroom reminded me of France (where some bathrooms had separate men and women’s rooms but a shared area to wash hands). Both of these places had incredibly good food and the ambiance was extremely nice!


Overall, this spontaneous trip with my friends was unforgettable. Between the late night talks and the silly jam sessions during car rides, the four of us have created a bond that I’ll hold dear to my heart. The spring break of my freshman year will forever be remembered. It’s a shame that break is over now and that I have to come back to reality, but I’m glad that at least for a short amount of time, I was able to take a break, explore new destinations, and learn what it means to truly be young and alive.





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