Milady in March


For today’s post I would like to introduce you to a service that I’ve been using for the past year. Before I start, I’m just going to give a disclaimer that I’m not getting sponsored by this company, I just wanted to share my honest and unbiased opinions. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Since March of 2016, I’ve been a subscribed member of Ipsy, a cosmetic service under beauty influencer, Michelle Phan. For $10 every month, I receive a makeup bag filled with five premium sample-sized products in the mail (that’s $2 per product!). The items range from high-end brands such as Tarte Cosmetics to drugstore brands like Maybelline. I love how I’m able to try such an array of cosmetics through Ipsy instead of spending all of my money on full-sized items.


In celebration of a year of Ipsy, I’ve decided to do a review of last month’s French inspired bag, Tres Jolie (if you’re wondering why I didn’t post this earlier, it’s because I wanted time to actually try out the products to fully review them). When I first got the package in the mail, I was very surprised to see that the makeup bag was bigger than the ones I’ve gotten in the past. Usually, the makeup bags are the size of a small pencil pouch, but this one was more spacious and was able to actually fit my bigger brushes (the picture shows the bag folded, but I usually keep mine unfolded with the zipper at the top). Aside from the actual size, the bag itself came in a very pretty blush pink, perfect for springtime. For the color, size, and overall design, I’ll give the bag a 5/5!



Inside the bag contained five items:  Neogen’s Coconut Cleanser, Tarte Cosmetics’ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, Marc Anthony True Professional’s Conditioning Treatment, So Susan’s Glow and Blush, and a mPrincess eye-shadow.



After trying all of the products for a week, I’ve concluded that my favorite item for this month was Tarte Cosmetics’ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint. There were three color options for this month’s bag, but I got the one in the color “Delish”. I’m an avid liquid lipstick user, so it’s pretty hard to make me impressed when it comes to lip products. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this one. The color was very vibrant and pigmented. On me, the color came off as a deep pink that was perfect for my skin tone. I liked how smooth it looked and regardless of it being a matte consistency, it wasn’t drying nor did it make my lips look dull. Regarding its staying power, I applied it at 8:30 am when I left my house and after eating breakfast, lunch, and drinking water, the color was still there! Overall, I would give it a 4.5/5.

blush and glow

The next product that I’ll talk about is So Susan’s Blush & Glow. This product is really unique because it adjusts to your personal skin tone for the perfect color. If I had to describe the color in the package, I would say that it’s a beautiful bronzed coral. Keep in mind, this product does have shimmer so if you’re not into looking like Edward from Twilight, this may not be the product for you. Personally, I love adding a little bit of shimmer to my makeup routine, especially in the spring, so I was perfectly okay with “glowing”.  Before getting this bag, I had never heard of So Susan Cosmetics before. After looking into it, I found out that the price of this blush is retailed at $22.95, making this brand more on the high-end range. If you would like to look more into this brand, I’ll leave the link here: So Susan’s Cosmetics. Holistically, I’ll give this product a 4/5.


coconut milk

I’ve been using Neogen’s Milk to Foam Coconut Milk cleanser in place of my normal face wash for the past week. This product claims to help soften, brighten, and hydrate your skin. Although it did leave my skin feeling softer, I haven’t seen much difference otherwise. Perhaps I’ll have to continue to use it in order to see more significant results. The cleanser starts of as a milky consistency and as you lather it up, it begins to foam. I noticed that it has a light scent to it, so this product may not be the best if you’re sensitive to fragrances. Due to the scent, I’ll have to give this product a 3/5.



Right off the bat, I looked in my bag and was disappointed to find another brown eyeshadow. While Ipsy does a really good job of picking out products, I wish the eyeshadows would range in color a little bit more! With heavy sighs I tried this eyeshadow from mPrincess in the color “chestnut”. I was pleasantly impressed with how well it is packaged. Instead of the usual single eyeshadow packaging, this one slides open. The color itself is warm and shimmery, a good crease color to create a smoky eye look. It would also be a really good color to use as an eyeliner since it adds a dynamic shimmer to your lash line. Since I like the finish, 3.5/5!

Aloe Vera


My family owns a hair salon, so I’ve gone through quite an array of hair conditioning masks and treatments. Honestly, when I saw that I got this product, I was a bit disappointment because I would’ve rather gotten another makeup product. Regardless, I still gave it a test run. With the Marc Anthony True Professional Deep Repair Aloe Vera and Jasmine Oil (quite the name!) treatment, I saw that my hair (which has become quite damaged due to constant dyeing) was softer and better nourished after consistent usage. I also really like the smell of this conditioning mask. Overall, I would say this product deserves a 4/5.

That’s it for today’s post, everyone! If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy yourself, you can visit their website or download the app from either Google Play or the App Store. It’s just a fun way to try new products every month without breaking your bank account.  I’ll be back next week with a new post. Thanks for reading!




**All images in this post are from Ipsy and are solely intended to be used as visual aid.


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