Look Book: Sultry Summer

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I hope you enjoyed The Clothing Statement’s official promo video above. Thank you to my super talented friend, Tiffany Nguyen, for producing the video! The reason why I’m releasing it today is because it’s been 5 months since this blog was started and I wanted to thank you so much for reading my posts every week and providing me with endless support and kindness. I’m going to work even harder to produce new, high-quality content. Over the course of the next few months, there will be some changes to the site, but I promise, all good things!

Now, let’s get to the real reason why you clicked on this post, a summer look book! This summer, I’m seeing a lot of trends that I’d actually wear such as tropical prints, bold colors, and khaki. Using these three trends, I’ve created three different looks that I hope will inspire your own wardrobe. Special thanks to my friend, Caitlin Murphy, for the amazing photography. You can check out her work here!


No Hawaiian tourist shirts here, just vibrant, decorative, tropical prints on cuts that we all love! I personally can’t get enough of tropical floral patterns. Here I’m wearing a floral mid-length dress, caramel-colored wedges, a matching cross-body bag, and a tan round hat. Everything was from Forever21, the wedges were thrifted.






I’ve never really been into wearing bold colors such as cobalt blue or lemon yellow, but seeing it all over the Spring/Summer runways of Fashion Week made me open to trying it. I opted to work bold colors into my wardrobe without having to lose who I am, a girl who loves wearing black and white. So when I found this beautiful beaded dress at Zara, I went for it. This dress originally had sheer, puffy sleeves which I chopped off with a pair of scissors. I paired the dress with some black laced-up shoes that I thrifted and metallic jewelry pieces from Charming Charlies.





Khaki’s aren’t new to the fashion scene, we’ve seen them pop up again and again, now more than ever. Khakis are making their way to street fashion in particular, but I wanted to work the khaki trend into my own style. In this look, I’m wearing a white lace top (perhaps you’ll recognize it from the video?) from Macy’s, a khaki skirt from Francesca’s, and the same caramel-colored wedges from the first look. Also, yes. I am pretending to read this book because it was filled with music notes!





That’s it for today’s look book! I hope that these looks have given you some inspiration on what to wear for the summer. I had a lot of fun pairing these outfits together and shooting with Caitlin and my friend, Joanne, who tagged along for support. Thanks again for reading my content every week!

Do you have a favorite trend for this summer? Let me know in the comments below! If you post any photos of your own looks on Instagram, make sure to tag me @imhamyhuynh. 


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