Look Book: Back-to-School


If you’re new to my blog, welcome! My name is Hamy (pronounced Hammie) and I post articles about fashion, traveling, and lifestyle tips once a week. As you can probably tell from the title, this week’s post is a look book dedicated to back-to-school style. For this article, I’ve recruited the Tu Sisters, Minh and Khanh, to help me shoot and style some trendy looks that are perfect for both high school and college students. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together and are able to pull some inspiration for your own back-to-school style!

Look #1: Physical Education

Athleisure has taken over the fashion world by storm, specifically in street-wear. No need to sacrifice comfort for fashion, this trend allows you to have the best of both worlds!



Here, I’m wearing a black and white knit top from Forever21, some black joggers that I thrifted, and my white loafers from Ruby Boutique. I love how this outfit is casual enough to be comfortable, but also classy due to the black and white color scheme. You could find me wearing this outfit on a Monday when I’m feeling lazy. I’d also be wearing a white dad hat to hide my messy hair!






I’m wearing a graphic t-shirt that says “Japan” from Urban Outfitters, some comfy navy-blue track shorts from Nike, and my slip-on Vans. You could definitely find me wearing this outfit when I’m just lounging around or exercising. 




Look #2: Class’s in Session

Early lecture? No problem! Layering individual pieces together will give the illusion of putting effort into what you wear, while maintaining the casual and comfortable vibes that are perfect for attending lecture– no matter how early in the morning!



For this next look, I’m wearing a white t-shirt from Wet Seal, a pink satin camisole from Rainbow, a denim button-down skirt from Express, a black leather backpack from Target, and my “Brittanie” Wedge Sandals from Coach (they’re retailed for $195 but I thrifted them for $60 from Optiz Outlet!). You can definitely find me wearing this outfit on a normal day to class. Out of all my outfits that I styled for this look book, this outfit is the most accurate representation of my personal style.

FullSizeRender (16).jpg





I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt from Ralph Lauren, a gingham cropped camisole from Forever21, for bottoms I’m wearing these thrifted Ralph Lauren denim shorts that I DIYed myself, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, and my shoes are white Adidas sneakers. I picture myself wearing this outfit while exploring Minneapolis with my friends.





Look #3: Sunshine and Tan Lines

So you’ve worked on getting the perfect tan all summer, why not show it off? These matching sets are perfect for showing how bronze and beautiful you’ve gotten while hiding any awkward tan lines you may have on your back and shoulders!



In my last look, I am wearing this tropical-print matching set from Romwe (yes, that one sketchy website from China. If you’re going to order something, read the reviews carefully, pick items made out of 100% polyester or cotton, and go up a size from what you normally wear!), some mirrored sunglasses from a local boutique called Prim and Proper, and my “Sabbie” Platform Sandals in the color “Metallic” from Steve Madden (retailed at $89 but I thrifted them for $15 at Annex!). I would definitely wear this outfit on a Friday night to grab dinner with friends to celebrate surviving another week of school.






I’m wearing a black and white pinstripe matching set that I purchased in Vietnam from a street vendor in Saigon Square, black mirrored sunglasses that I ordered from Amazon, a black cross-body bag from Kate Spade, Adidas socks, and my Converse Chuck Taylor low-top sneakers in the color “Monochrome”. This outfit is great for if you wanted to look a bit fancy for casual social gatherings. 





That’s it for this back-to-school look book! If you would like to see more fashion inspiration from Minh and Khanh, feel free to follow their Instagram pages, here and here! Minh will be joining me this year at the University of Minnesota and Khanh will be one step closer to graduating from high school– please wish them the best of luck!

Liked what you saw? Post a photo of your own back-to-school look and tag me @imhamyhuynh on Instagram. I would love to see your personal style! 


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