Windsor Store Review and Look Book


First and foremost, I wanted to introduce you to my photographer for this post, Sydney Enstad! Sydney and I have known each other since high school, but haven’t had the chance to work together until now. I’m so grateful to have finally been able to shoot with Sydney as she’s such a talented and positive human-being. Please make sure you follow her on Instagram  and check out her newly launched website for more amazing work. Now, let’s get started!

Very recently, I’ve hopped onto the online shopping train and have since made quite a few purchases from a number of different stores. All of the packages have now been shipped to my house and I thought it might be helpful to write blog posts reviewing each store and showing you how I styled the items I purchased. As you can probably tell from the title of this blog, the first store that I’m going to review on The Clothing Statement is Windsor Store.

Immediate Impressions

Their website is super easy to navigate and they accept both credit/debit card and PayPal, making it super convenient for consumers. Shipping didn’t take long at all as I got my items in less than a week (they’re based in California and I live in Minnesota, I’m sure international shipping would take a few weeks longer). My first impression when I got the items was that the garments were really cute, decent quality, and looked the same as they did in the photos online. The cons were that some of my items had loose threading, one of the pants was too long for me, and one of the shirts had a defective zipper. You know how sometimes you zip something up but then the zipper splits in two? Yeah, that happened. Luckily for me, I was able to cut off any loose threading on the garments and since my mom is a tailor, she was able to replace the defective zipper and hem my pants to the correct length. I hate to brag, but my mom’s a miracle worker!

Windsor Store Look Book

After a somewhat mediocre experience with some of the items I had purchased, I decided to go ahead and give Windsor Store a second chance by styling the items I got into a look book. Surprisingly, I ended up loving the looks I came up with and even brought all three outfits along with me on my recent trip to San Francisco!



I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally always wanted to just get away with wearing pajamas out in public without anyone batting an eye. With this matching set, my dreams have finally come true! Although the pants did have to get hemmed, I think now they’re at the perfect length to wear with platform sneakers like I have here, or a pair of really cute heels. I tried to find this set on their website and unfortunately, I think it’s currently out of stock. Although, their website has tons of other matching sets you could choose from if you’re also trying to rock pajamas out in public! I paired this set with my D’Lites Skechers and a pair of hexagonal earrings from Ragstock.



I. LOVE. THIS. TOP. It actually has a matching pair of pants but I was way too broke (from all of this online shopping!) to buy both, so I settled for this top and honestly? No regrets. It fits like a glove and shows off my favorite body part– my décolletage! I paired this top with a pair of gold hoops from Walmart, boyfriend jeans from Uniqlo, and my belt and heels are both from Marshalls.



Let me tell you, I’ve been on the hunt for a black and white striped shirt that ties in the front for eons! I was so happy to come across this shirt on Windsor Store’s website and knew I had to have it. For the rest of my outfit, I’m wearing a cabby hat from Forever21, my star-shaped earrings are from Ragstock, Felicity Mini Drawstring Bucket Bag from Cole Haan, high-waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters, and a black pair of Jozie slides from Target’s A New Day collection.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Windsor is a really great store if you want to purchase cute clothes that are currently in trend as well as fancy dresses for formal events, but if my mom wasn’t a tailor, I think I would’ve had a really negative experience with the defective zipper and overly long pants. I would definitely recommend their store if you’re looking for a fast fashion fix, but if you’re looking for timeless pieces that could last you a lifetime, this probably isn’t it. For the money that I spent on the items, I really wish that they were of higher quality. Next time if I do purchase anything from their store, it will be in person at their store and believe me when I say I’ll be testing their zippers extra carefully!

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