Shea Moisture Glow Getter Honey Mask Review

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DISCLAIMER: As some of you may know, I receive complimentary products from Influenster and brands that they partner with for testing purposes. While I do get these items for free and am required to test them and write reviews, all opinions are my own honest beliefs.

A few weeks ago, I was sent the Shea Moisture Glow Getter Honey Mask. I was super excited because I use Shea Moisture products such as their Moisturizing Detangler on a regular basis.

The Glow Getter Honey Mask features Manuka honey, yogurt, and Vitamin C. This blend of ingredients is perfect for skin that is dull and lacks moisture. The consistency is very rich and clings to your face to hydrate and enhance your skin’s natural glow.


While testing this product, I’ve been using it once a week to see if it really makes a difference in my skin’s texture and brightness. My skin is naturally pretty good. I don’t have acne except for blackheads around my nose and chin area. But I do struggle with dry skin (especially now that it’s winter!) and sometimes, my skin can look dull if I don’t get enough sleep (which is right now since it’s finals week). After using it for the past three weeks, I do think that the mask does everything that it promises: hydrate and brighten. I don’t think it’s necessarily made for people with acne or redness, but if you’re someone who struggles with dry and dull skin like myself, this mask may be a good beauty product to incorporate into your skincare/self-care routine.

Overall, I would personally give this product a 4/5 since it’s made with great ingredients, the packaging is beautiful, and it does everything it claims to do. The only thing I can’t get past is the smell. It doesn’t smell TERRIBLE, but it’s definitely not a pleasant scent that I would wear as perfume. It definitely has notes of honey, but it smells really strong and is at times, overbearing. I would definitely try smelling this first to see if you mind the scent before purchasing.


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