Budget Room Makeover

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My bedroom never truly felt mine. To me, it was simply a place that I kept my stuff and slept in. I needed it to feel like my sanctuary away from the rest of the world, so I set out to do a complete makeover. While it’s still a work in progress, I thought I would share with you some of the things I’ve learned during the process on how to redecorate a bedroom while on a budget. At the end of this post, I’ll share some images of what my bedroom looks like now!

1. Buy Secondhand Items

My biggest tip to complete a room makeover on a budget is to visit your local thrift store. Over the past month, I went to my local Goodwill every Wednesday (when they restock their shelves) to shop for decor. I was mostly on the hunt for smaller items like photo frames, jewelry dishes, storage containers, and throw pillows so I knew Goodwill would have plenty of options at affordable prices. While going every week for a month may seem tedious, thrifting is always a hit or miss and you’re not guaranteed to find everything in one go. Going once a week on the day Goodwill restocked allowed me to have first-pick on all of their new inventory and I was able to find a lot more items. Refer to my latest blog post for tips and tricks on how to get the best deals at thrift stores!

Another good place to shop for secondhand items is Facebook’s Marketplace. With Marketplace, I was able to search for specific items I was looking for such as chairs and mirrors. It’s convenient since all of the sellers that show up are those who live nearby and you’re able to meet up to check out the item before confirming your purchase. Most of the time, people are looking to quickly get rid of their stuff so you’re able to negotiate the price or they’ll sell it for cheap from the get-go. I do recommend having a big car if you’re picking up pieces of furniture, meet sellers in public spaces if possible, and try to go with a friend (or at least share your location with someone) to assure your own safety.

2. Use Apps and Extensions

One of my favorite browser extensions is Honey. With one click, Honey automatically searches, tests, and applies the best coupon codes available online at checkout on 40,000+ websites. I use Honey whenever I online shop and it has saved me money almost every time! No, I’m not sponsored by Honey. But if they want to sponsor me after this post is published, I wouldn’t mind!

Another great browser extension is Shoptagr. Shoptagr allows you to save items you plan on buying from any store on the web to access later in one place across your devices. After saving your items, Shoptagr automatically checks your products every hour and sends you real-time alerts if the price of your saved item drops or is back in stock. Once again, not sponsored! Just a big fan and real-life user.

3. Do It Yourself

If you’ve watched countless hours of room makeover content on Youtube or HGTV like I do, you would know that DIYs are always a smart idea while on a budget. With DIYs, you can truly make your room personalized through crafting your own decor or refurbishing pieces of furniture you already own. Here are a few of my favorite Youtube accounts that feature amazing DIYs and room makeovers:

Mr. Kate

Lone Fox


4. Make a Pinterest Board 

My last tip is to make a Pinterest account and make a board that compiles photos of your decor inspiration. Once I created my Pinterest board, I was able to see what kind of items I saved multiple times, which indicated that I really liked it and I went out to search for similar items that I could bring into my own room. Pinterest helped me organize my ideas, narrow down my focus to one specific aesthetic (I would describe my aesthetic as mid-century modern with a touch of boho and a dash of Victorian), and even acted as my personal shopping list since Pinterest now has a function that lets you shop items shown in the photos.

My Room, a work in progress…


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