DownTime Collective x The Clothing Statement

Welcome back to my blog! If you’re new here, hello. My name is Hamy and I’m the writer behind The Clothing Statement. I post blogs sporadically, but I’m super active on my IG @iamhamyhuynh. For those of you who’ve been following me for a while, I apologize for not posting since May. I’ve accepted a job offer from an integrated creative agency in Minneapolis and have been focusing on my advertising career. A full-time job has left me with limited time to go on photo shoots and create quality content (not to mention there’s still a pandemic going on). But now that I’ve finally settled into my position, I’m hoping that blog posts will be more consistent!

Nonetheless, I was able to collaborate with DownTime Collective, a creative platform ran by my friends Tyler Vongphachanh and Dean Tan, for today’s post. Tyler is the head photographer while Dean leads videography. Together, this iconic duo captures the humans of Minnesota on camera and has been making quite a name for themselves within the Twin Cities. DownTime Collective’s ultimate goal is to celebrate the achievements and prosperity of BIPOC, which I can 100% stand behind! If you’re based in the Twin Cities area, contact @DownTimeCollective on IG for your photo and video needs.

Below, you’ll see the photos Tyler captured of me, and I’m OBSESSED with how they turned out. Thank you again to Tyler and DownTime Collective for such a great collaboration. I can’t wait to do it again!

Outfit Details

Top: Nike Swoosh One-Strap Buckle Crop Top

Skirt: Nike Dri-FIT Pleated Tennis Skirt (I can’t find the link anywhere, might no longer be selling! Here’s a similar option.)

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 ’07

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