I started a small business! Introducing: Jaded

Our Founder Story

At the end of 2020, my friend Jackie and I started drafting up plans to collaborate on a small business together. We knew that if we could find a way to combine Jackie’s crafting skills with my fashion and marketing background, we could really start something cool. So we created Jaded as a passion project for us to indulge in our favorite hobbies in addition to working 9 to 5 jobs. We sustainably source secondhand pieces and reimagine their potential by customizing them through mediums like painting, vinyl transferring, and tailoring. On March 6, 2021, we officially launched on Instagram with Jaded Vol. 1 consisting of 10 one-of-a-kind denim pieces. We were met with overwhelming support and six of our pieces have already sold! It’s humbling to see that working tirelessly every weekend for the past few months is paying off.

Behind the Name

The word ‘jaded’ can be defined as being fatigued by overwork. As two twenty-somethings who recently graduated college during the pandemic, Jackie and I are feeling quite jaded. Thus, our brand was made for the tired and overworked, to add some color and creativity into the world

Jaded Vol. 1.

The J’adore You Cropped Jacket
Model: Allison Pham @allison.pham
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Smile, You’re on Camera Jeans
Model: Tina Nguyen @nguyen.tina
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The My Neighbor’s Denim Jacket
Model: Allison Pham @allison.pham
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Demon Slayer Jeans
Model: Angelina Huynh @angelinahuynh
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Twin Flame Jacket
Model: Kevin Madderom @kevinmadderom
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The LoVe You Jacket
Model: Derek Madderom @derekmadderom21
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Ride or Die Cut-off Shorts
Model: Tina Nguyen @nguyen.tina
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Pretty Guardian Denim Jacket
Model: Penelope Yang @penelopeyang_
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The I Choose You Skinny Jeans
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

The Bleach Bum Jacket
Model: Minh Phan @phintheman
Photography: Yayoua Yang (Yayoua.com)

Supporting our business

If you would like to support a small BIPOC and women-owned business, please follow us on Instagram @jaded_mpls. There are still four more pieces available for purchase from Jaded Vol. 1 and more drops in the works! Thank you to those of you who’ve already followed our page and engaged with our content! Jackie and I hope to continue bringing creativity and color into this world.

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