I went to Coachella for my very first work trip

I work at Fast Horse, a creative ad agency in Minneapolis doing influencer and brand partnerships. Last month, our client Heineken had an activation at Coachella and sent me to Weekend 1 of the festival with a group of awesome content creators. We worked with Joe Ando, Niamh Adkins, Elena Taber, Erika Brito, and Nigel Sylvester. I was super excited because A) I’ve never been to Coachella before and B) we got 3-day VIP passes!

Nails done by Abby Le @createdby_abby

Because I was there for a work trip, my experience wasn’t exactly like other festival-goers. I spent a lot of time working, reviewing and approving content from our partners, and giving client updates. But when I wasn’t working, I was able to eat the (severely overpriced but delicious) food, enjoy a few shows (Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, Joji, Swedish House Mafia, The Weeknd), check out the cool art pieces and brand activations, and have a few drinks at the Heineken House and beer garden.

If you’re wondering, yes. All of our content creator partners were great to work with. They are just as cool and nice as they are on Instagram! I’m happy that we had such a good group of people. Some of them even follow me on my Instagram now! The pressure to step up my content is astronomical (laughs).

For those of you wondering about my celebrity sightings, I didn’t see any A-listers as I was working most of the time. But I did run into Leonie Hanne (German fashion influencer, blogger, and model) in the VIP security line. I was also standing next to a dancing Amy Julliette Lefévre (digital creator, entrepreneur, and model) in the VIP section during The Weeknd’s set. And while I didn’t see her, my coworker Maddy spotted Chloe Cherry from Euphoria Season 2 at the Heineken House.

Even though it was dusty, hot, and crowded, getting to go to Coachella for my first work trip was absolutely amazing. I learned and experienced a lot and will forever remember this trip. Seriously, I’m going to tell my grandkids. Thank you Heineken and Fast Horse!

That’s it for today’s post. My next one will be about my upcoming trip to Disney World. Stay tuned!

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