Look Book: Falling Fahrenheit


If you couldn’t tell from the title, today’s post is a look book dedicated to my favorite season. I’m incredibly excited to share this post with you because I finally got the chance to collaborate with my good friend, Brooke Vorarath! I’m not sure if she knows this or not, but I’ve had the biggest “style crush” on her ever since we first met. Before we go into the actual look book, I wanted to introduce Brooke through a short interview.


Hamy: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Brooke: I tend to get inspiration from European and Korean street wear fashion. I traveled to Asia and Europe recently. Being there and observing what people wore on a daily basis really inspired me.

Hamy: How did your sense of style develop? 

Brooke: My sense of style started from being a fan of One Direction back in 2011. I remember I bought white Converse shoes simply because Harry Styles wore them. Seeing videos of One Direction and their fans on Youtube changed the way I saw fashion. I got inspired by their European fans and what they wore to concerts.

Hamy: Do you feel pressured to follow mainstream trends?

Brooke: I don’t necessarily feel pressured, but there are certain times where trends greatly influenced my style. I tend to take trends and customize them to fit my personality. I wear clothes that make me feel most comfortable and confident, so I choose to wear what fits my body best. I do love older trends that make a comeback. Some trends that I’ve been into lately include joggers, high-waisted jeans, pastels, and old-school sportswear.” 

In this post, we’re going to be showing you how we style four of our favorite fall items: cold shoulder tops, textured materials, unique patterns, and denim. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Cold Shoulder Tops 



Cold shoulder tops and shoulder cut-outs on sweaters are definitely IN for Fall 2017. Showing off your shoulders and décolletage is no longer exclusive to spring and summer.


Brooke: I’m wearing a white off the shoulder crop top from H&M , a pair of black gauchos from my mom’s closet, a dark denim blazer from a night market in Thailand, and black sandals that I got at a boutique in Thailand. This outfit was inspired by someone I saw in Korea. I threw on the blazer because fall weather tends to get colder. I actually wore this outfit in the summer when I was traveling. 


Hamy: For this first outfit, I’m wearing a black off-the-shoulder top from H&M, some striped wide-legged pants from a street vendor in Singapore, black heels from Call It Spring, and a maroon lieutenant hat from Forever21. While styling this outfit, I was definitely inspired by photos I saw of street style during Milan Fashion Week.

Textured Materials 

Wool, knits, faux fur, leather, silk, textures galore. There are endless possibilities! Regardless of which texture you choose, they’ll all keep you warm and trendy this fall.



Brooke: I’m wearing a navy blue knit sweater that I got at a boutique in Thailand, a printed mini skirt from a night market also in Thailand, and my white Stan Smith sneakers. I’m all about keeping warm while looking cute for fall. This sweater is a bit baggy, so styling it with something fitted is what I usually do to contrast the loose fit. This is a typical going to class outfit for me. Something cute and put together, yet comfy at the same time!



Hamy: In this second outfit, I decided to channel my inner “Jenn Im” and whip out my black beret hat that I purchased in Paris, a white knit sweater that I thrifted, and a black lace slip-dress I got from a street vendor in Vietnam. My tip for wearing all black and white is adding some interest through a pop of color, either through accessories or makeup.


Patterns that are really trendy this fall are stripes, hounds-tooth, plaid, and metallic– both gold and silver.



Brooke: Here, I’m wearing a mesh metallic top with a fitted jean skirt. I bought both of those items while I was in Laos. I finished off the outfit by putting on a pair of boots from Jeffrey Campbell. I’ve been into the “edgy look” lately, and this outfit makes me feel absolutely bad-ass. I added the belt with the skirt to singe my waist and the boots to add length to my height. I love wearing fitted clothes and this outfit really makes me feel confident. I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit to a night out with friends or going to an event at school. 



Hamy: I’m wearing a red beret that I bought in Paris, a black and white hounds-tooth skirt that I thrifted, a white sweater from Forever21, and a pair of black and white heels that was also thrifted. This outfit is definitely something that I would wear on a date because it’s playful yet sophisticated.

Detailed Denim 


Denim is definitely something that will never go out of style. Season after season, we see denim all over the runways as well as prominent in street style. This fall, wearing denim with details such as patches, embroidery, rips, and metal accents are all the rave.



Brooke: Here, I’m wearing a black tank top with a burnt orange coat, both from Forever21. And the main focus of this outfit is the denim jeans with ripped detailing at the bottom that I purchased in Thailand. I love pairing jeans with my white sneakers, and what better way than to incorporate my favorites with fall colors? I would wear this while hanging out with friends, doing fall activities, or just everyday.



Hamy: In this last outfit, I’m wearing my favorite pair of embroidered jeans from ASOS. I paired them with my older brother’s black belt, maroon chunky boots from Call It Spring, a white long-sleeve from Vietnam, and my faux wool jacket from H&M. I honestly think out of all the outfits, this one is my favorite. I see myself wearing this outfit to class, doing fall activities, or just going out and about.

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed the looks that Brooke and I have created using our favorite fall items. Once again, I would like to thank Brooke (follow her on Instagram!) as well as our photographer, Tyler Vongphachanh (follow him on Instagram!) . Without them, this post wouldn’t have been possible! And as always, thank you for taking time out of your day and reading my blog. I wouldn’t be doing this if you guys weren’t with me on this journey.

What’s your favorite fall outfit? Let us know by posting a photo and tagging @imhamyhuynh on Instagram! 



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