The Clothing Statement x SEKY

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First of all, The Clothing Statement is celebrating our 4th birthday today! Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my blogging journey. I know my posting schedule is basically nonexistent but it means a lot to me that there are people out there who read the blog posts that I publish and leave kind and motivating comments. I can’t wait to create new content in 2020! You can support The Clothing Statement by following this blog from the homepage, liking the Facebook page, and following/liking photos on my personal Instagram

If you already follow me on social media, you might’ve seen my recent post about the collaboration I did with SEKY, a visual arts platform created by my friends Yayoua and Faith. SEKY aims to empower ‘eclectic individuals’ by sharing stories and initiating conversations through writing, video production, photography, and social media. One of SEKY’s main objectives is to gain insight into the lives of creatives, exploring topics such as controversial issues, personal growth, insecurities, and coming from marginalized backgrounds.

For the first portion of our collaboration, we did a photoshoot where I wore my cultural attire called áo dài (pronounced “ow yai”) to represent my identity as a Vietnamese-American fashion blogger and tie in the blog post that I’m most proud of, The Clothing Statement: Vietnamese Áo Dài. Check out some of my favorite shots below:


For the second portion, Faith and Yayoua filmed an interview segment where I discussed my decision to pursue a career in public relations/advertising, obtaining confidence, starting a blog, and personal goals. Check out this short clip about my thoughts on building self-confidence below and make sure you visit SEKY’s Facebook page, Youtube, or Instagram account to see the full video!

Overall, I am incredibly humbled and honored to have been invited by Faith and Yayoua as SEKY’s first guest collaboration. These badass womxn are only getting started. I can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish in the future! If you want to see more awesome content from SEKY, make sure you follow them on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.


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