Casual Conversations: Leonardo on Coordinating a Fashion Show


If you’re new to my blog, welcome to The Clothing Statement! My name is Hamy and I’m trying my best to make quality posts about fashion, beauty, travel, and honest lifestyle advice around once a week. If you’d like to keep up with my posts, please feel free to subscribe! On February 8, it was actually The Clothing Statement’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I’ve created this blog. Thank you all for reading my content and being patient with me as I’ve postponed posting for a while.

Most of you may not know this, but for the past 8 months I worked together with my good friend and mentor, Leonardo (Leo), to coordinate a fashion show. Our show took place on February 10, 2018 and featured 5 unique Asian-American fashion designers and over 40 models of all different shapes and sizes. It was a long journey heading up to the show, and I just wanted to dedicate this post to Leo, my partner in crime.

In this post, I had a casual conversation with Leo to discuss what it’s like to coordinate a fashion show together. Both Leo and I have poured our hearts into this show and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-coordinator. Without further adieu, let’s get started!



Q: Let’s start with the basics. When/why did your interest in fashion begin?
My interest in fashion began my freshman year of college. It all started with my fascination with fashion designers and why they were famous.

Q: So, what made you want to coordinate this fashion show?
I wanted to be the fashion coordinator of Tet Show because eventually I want to be Head Coordinator of the entire show. I felt that I wasn’t ready to be a Head Coordinator yet, so I chose a different coordinator position that the previous year. Last year, I coordinated the traditional dance portion of the show. It just so happened that Hamy and I were both interested in the position– given that we’re both fashion nerds.

Q: Has it been a challenge being a coordinator?
One challenge this year would have to be the attendance of our committee members consisting of designers and models. It’s been difficult to align our schedules. Another has been changing up the base for the fashion show portion. Previously the runway only consisted of the stage. However, this year we’re experimenting with having the models walk through the audience. Lining up music and figuring out the timing of our models’ walks have been a huge task. I hope our experiences with this year’s show will provide expertise for the future fashion show coordinators of this show. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about coordinating a fashion show?
My favorite part of being a coordinator is teaching the modeling workshops that we’ve hosted this year! In years past, Tet Show’s fashion show never had workshops, so I saw that as something new and fun. 

Q: How’s working with Hamy? You can be honest!
Working with Hamy has been the best! I personally don’t know how she’s coordinating this show while being a part of a student organization and as well as running her own blog! Not to mention that in her spare time, she studies and works as well! In my book, she’s considered a wonder woman

Q: What’s something that you’re worried about regarding the show?
One thing that worries me this year is the fact that we are making our models walk in the audience. It’s a lot different than the previous years and I wonder how the audience will perceive it with this being the first time.

Q: You’ve had a lot of experience with walking the runways, do you have any advice you could give to those aspiring to become models?
Ahh… what a hard question to answer in just one paragraph! A few things I have to say is that you have to be prepared at all times. A model who is prepared will get the job. As a model you have to suck things up a lot as well, by that I mean that if your photographer wants to have an outside photo shoot and it’s 35 degrees and super windy, you just have to tough it out. There is no option for you to complain, you just have to suck it up. A model should do anything to get the job done and done right. That one perfect photo that the photographer captures could be the start of your career, or it could get you noticed, and that’s exactly what you want and need. A model should always strive to learn more, especially from their own pictures and videos. Models should always have more than one “look”.

Q: 10 years from now, do you still picture yourself being involved with the fashion industry?
I definitely do! I see myself somewhere in the industry even if it’s being an editor, reviewing shows, or anything within the industry. It’s a passion of mine and I do want to continue that passion.


That’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed meeting my mentor and good friend, Leo, and getting an inside scoop on what it’s really like to coordinate a fashion show. In a future post I plan on showcasing the 5 fashion designers that Leo and I had the pleasure of working with and their amazing garments that were featured in the show– stay tuned! If you’re interested in watching the promo video for our fashion show, click HERE!


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